Children’s Formula

Balanced Health carries a comprehensive collection of Chinese herbal formulas to treat common childhood conditions without conventional drugs. Remedies include but are not limited to:

  • Children’s Ear Formula
  • Easy Going: for constipation, gas, bloating, loss of appetite
  • Firefighter: pain, swelling, hives, rashes, insect bite
  • Jade Windscreen: increase immunity, prepare for daycare/school exposure
  • Jade Dew Ointment: diaper rash, insect bites, skin rash
  • Quiet calm: mood swings, crying spells, sleep issues, anxiety, timidity, tantrums
  • Windbreaker: onset of cold, sneezing, runny nose, mild fever/chills
  • Chest Relief: soothe the throat and chest, croupy cough, phlegm, chest tightness
  • Pipe Cleaner: wheezing, cough, sticky thick yellow phlegm, moderate fever, thirst
  • Open Air: Acute asthma, tight chest, wheezing, SOB, cough, dry mouth
  • Deep Breath: Sinus congestion, mucus, phlegm, cough, SOB, asthmatic wheezing
  • Grow and Thrive: poor appetite, aversion to eating, slow to mature, nausea
  • Tummy Tamer: Gas, bloating, nausea, belly aches, fatigue/irritability post eating
  • Belly Binder: Loose stools, diarrhea, bloating, nausea

Download our Children’s Formula brochure for more details.