Chinese Medicine

In Chinese medicine, balance is the state of physical, mental and emotional equilibrium. Balance is achieved when Qi (“chee”), the energy that gives the body life, flows freely through your body.

We all get lopsided from time to time – we work too much, strain a muscle, get depressed, have challenges with family, feel tired, have trouble conceiving, have surgery, have addictions – and accupuncture helps to bring us back to a dynamic state of balance.

So needles are going to help?

Accupuncture is part of the age-old Chinese medical system that uses needles to stimulate Qi. Western science has proven accupuncture’s effectiveness in treating many illnesses. Balanced Health offers a holistic Eastern approach to health that is an effective complement to Western Medicine.

The Motivation

Chinese medicine asks us to consider what we are doing, thinking and eating. An honest assessment and realignment of lifestyle, along with accupuncture and Chinese herbs inevitably leads to a healthier life. Taking responsibility for our own well-being is a powerful step toward achieving balanced health.

Your first appointment

The initial consultation allows both client and practitioner to become acquainted. The conversation reviews a previously filled out questionnaire and the tongue and pulse diagnosis are completed. By analyzing the information gathered, a unique diagnosis will be explained to you and a treatment plan will be made based on this, treating not only the symptoms but the underlying root cause(s) as well. Most people find accupuncture an incredibly relaxing experience, the immediate effects of which can feel like a massage.