Shilo Cameron

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Shilo Cameron

I have a true passion for Inspiring and Uplifting Women to reach their full potential and fulfill their destiny! When I am able to witness a women stepping into her own light and becoming empowered by the essence of her true inner and outer beauty, this is what I love most about the work I do! When I am not at my office I can most often be found with my husband Ben and our two amazing boys, Finn and Julien.They are all an inspiration to me on a daily basis. I embrace a simple and yet very full life. Living 2-4 months of the year in our off grid cabin connecting with nature, ourselves and each other. I am always learning ways to have more inner stillness, balance and joy, with the intention to then be able to confidently carry that knowledge forward to offer to others that cross my path. I deeply believe we are not here to just survive this life, we are here to thrive, to find joy, to embrace all of lifes challenges and to fulfill our Destiny!! After all, Balance IS health!


Shilo Cameron graduated top of her class from the prestigious Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2007.  She is the founder and owner  of  Balanced Health Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Invermere, BC.  a thriving and successful practice.  Her two sons were her inspiration to begin her studies in the field of pediatrics, with Robin Green through the Centre for Acupuncture Pediatrics.

Shilo has also trained extensively in NAET, an effective allergy elimination technique, as well as Esoteric Acupuncture and treating with the 8 Extraordinary vessels. She is an Accredited T’ai Chi Chih instructor and has a background in Social Work.  Shilo has a deep passion for what she does and is determined to help individuals and families find balance in their health and life through the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to remind them that they have the ability to heal themselves, embrace an abundant life and handle stress with ease.


Integrative Fertility Symposium

06/14 to present

Advanced Pediatric Acupuncture Level One


Pediatric Essentials


Detecting Channel Qi



Basic 09/09, Advanced 12/09, Advanced II F: nutrition in NAET, Substance Abuse, Managing Various Addictions 07/12, Advanced II S: Managing Gluten Sensitivities 07/12




Gestational Care and Support of Mother & Child with TCM


Study and travel in Taiwan and China


Male and Female Fertility


The Art of Combining TCM Medicinals Oct


Advanced Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Renewal


Dietary Therapy Workshop

Rejuvenating and relaxing

Sessions always leave me feeling calm, rejuvenated and inspired. I leave with insights and connections about what is going on with my body and my energy. Acupuncture with Shilo is a great way to support my well-being!

Kyla Gent

So worth it!

Shilo is clearly passionate and experienced in what she does, I look forward to seeing her on a regular basis. I noticed a huge difference in my anxiety levels since seeing her for acupuncture. Thank you!

Kelsey O

Acupuncture Facial

Shilo is the best! She uses premium natural products and mixes acupuncture with a facial treatment targeted at relaxing your laugh lines and wrinkles. During the treatment you are lying on a detoxifying mud treatment and prior to that she does cupping on your back. It’s the full meal deal. I would absolutely recommend this!

Katie Israelson

Gifted Practioner

I feel blessed to have discovered such an intuitive acupuncturist. This is first class medicine. Thanks Shilo!

Vicky Anderson

Incredibly Intuitive Healer

So grateful to have found Shilo at balanced health. She is an incredibly intuitive and powerful healer who is already helping me get my health back on track on so many levels. The type of practitioner that when you find them you'll drive hours out of the way to get to appointments. Thanks Shilo!


Wonder Woman

Engaging in Shilo's Acupuncture Face Lift Program is a delightful and positive experience. Yes it does work and is my treat to myself for quitting my tobacco addiction. My skin is healthier, glowing and I love the products used. They are of a very high quality and only a very small amount is needed to maintain my skin on a daily basis. Shilo is my first call if my body needs help but I am loving this side of acupuncture as well.

Susan Miller